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Supported Standards
What We Offer

Scalable Platform

Integration into existing environments is simple through connectors or available APIs.

Support All Users

Allow users to register one or multiple smart devices for genuinely strong Two-Factor Authentication, and even support legacy or old feature phones for strong authentication via the inherently insecure SMS channel.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Achieve rapid ROI with a low cost of deployment and management.

1 PIN & 1 Device

for all Sites & Services

Simplify the client experience by enabling users to use a single PIN and device for out-of-band authentication to all their sites or services without compromising on security.

Federated Deployment 

Deploy the TokenOne Identity Assurance Platform across one or multiple locations without aggregating data and still present a singular experience to the user.

Control Documents based on Security levels

Apply the correct and necessary authentication level based on the risk and compliance requirements of the information being accessed.

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