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Public Sector

The Problem

With cybercrime in Australia, now costing more than $1 billion per year, organisations, including Government, are facing increasing challenges to meet compliance requirements, continually improve security and prevent unauthorised access to high risk or sensitive information and services.

According to the National Plan to Combat Cybercrime ‘A range of government agencies are involved in responding to different aspects of cybercrime in Australia. Under current arrangements, State and Territory agencies have primary responsibility for cybercrime that targets individuals, businesses and government systems in their jurisdictions. Commonwealth agencies have primary responsibility for cybercrime directed at critical infrastructure, systems of national interest and Commonwealth Government systems’.

Internal users and citizens are demanding security of their identity and information but expect a convenient, secure and easy-to-use service. Where two-factor authentication is provided it is often cumbersome, expensive to manage and does not scale to public deployment. As a result, Government has to balance citizen’s demands while meeting their security and compliance requirements.

The Solution

TokenOne is an Identity Assurance Platform Provider. It strengthens authentication by replacing passwords and other security technologies with a single simple solution. This Solution is linked to risk and identity management systems to provide complete control and non-repudiated secure access.

TokenOne enables Government to exceed internal and external expectations with a secure, convenient and cost-effective solution that enables customers to self manage their identity and account. TokenOne further enables Government to not only ‘know your customer’ but to prove ‘it was your customer’ after each interaction. This is achieved with TokenOne’s patented technology delivering genuinely strong two-factor authentication that ensures the user’s secret PIN is never entered, transmitted or stored and therefore genuinely kept secret.



  • Assists with meeting one of the ASD’s Top 4 Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions

  • Meets compliance and governance requirements

  • Low cost to deploy and manage – rapid Return on Investment and low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Highly scalable, including when users are distributed

  • Rapid Identity Management (IDM) integration

  • Users self-manage their PIN that can also enable federated access across multiple agencies

Hard Token Replacement

Hard tokens are expensive, inconvenient to carry, complex to manage and do not allow financial institutions to prove user presence. TokenOne enables hard token replacement with a simple to deploy mass scale solution that is interoperable and will integrate with existing systems rapidly and cost effectively.

Soft Token Replacement

Soft tokens require yet more passwords and do not prove user presence – only that someone accessed the user’s phone. TokenOne provides secure, strong two-factor authentication and crucially, a customer PIN is never entered, never transmitted and never stored.

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Password Replacement

Demands for multiple complex passwords are becoming a burden for customers and are also insecure and can easily be hacked. TokenOne provides strong two-factor authentication that is simple and convenient for customers and provides security for both financial institutions and customer identity protection.

SMS Replacement

The increasing cost of SMS authentication is driving many financial institutions to consider alternatives. TokenOne removes the need for SMS authorisations and enables organisations to prove user presence. Customers are self-supporting during set-up and low administration requirements ensure reduced IT management costs.

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