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Preventing cyber disruption is now top of mind for most Fortune 500 "C"€ level executives, however in the world of spies and espionage it's not reputation they are worried about, it'€™s the difference between life and death.

Many tried and tested security concepts and principles from the world of law enforcement and intelligence have stood the test of time for good reason: they work! And they can be applied to modern day cybersecurity threats.

Join us for this executive breakfast where you will hear from Chuck Archer, former FBI Assistant Director and Special Agent, who will highlight some of the security principles the FBI had in place during his time as an undercover agent that can assist you in the battle against cyber espionage and cyber disruption today.

You will also hear from some of the world's leading cyber security experts on how to protect your organisation from the most recent threats including Ransomware, Spear Phishing, Whaling, Identity Fraud and Insider Threats.

This breakfast session we will help even the most sophisticated CIO's or CSO's on the steps you can take to help protect both yours and your organisation's reputation.

The event will include a panel session to follow the main presentations -€“ giving attendees a unique opportunity to ask their own questions of the speakers and to share experiences with the audience.

As a valued TokenOne client, would like to invite you to attend this event as one of our VIP guests (value $250).

To register as our guest, please follow the register now button below.

Chuck Archer

Former FBI Assistant Director and Special Agent

"Tales from the FBI"

As an FBI undercover agent, security was the difference between life and death. 

During this session Chuck will share some of his war stories and the security principles the FBI had in place that kept him alive and you can use in your battle against cyber espionage and cyber disruption today.

Phil Cuff

Executive Chairman & CEO - Tokenone

"No need for passwords"

Trusted access depends on passwords that we all struggle to remember and use correctly. They are a way of proving that you know a secret, and therefore you are who you claim to be. That said, they also leave us vulnerable.

Phil will discuss how organisation can remove passwords for ever while strengthening your security posture.

Marcin Kleczynski

CEO & Founder - Malwarebytes

"The Big Business of Cybercrime in Australia"

The recent rise of Ransomware has hit Australia particularly hard, and has no particular target as everyone is at risk! Marcin will cover an exploration of the world of the cybercriminal, and an explanation of why Australia is so important to Malwarebytes as well as some new ideas on how to combat this rapidly evolving threat.

Thomas Pedersen

CEO & Co-fouder - OneLogin

"Identity - the new security perimeter in the cloud"

Automate access to your applications and devices in a rapidly evolving company provides unbeatable employee experiences with uncompromised security.

Why its critical to ensure employees can access the right applications and no more.

Marcus Batten

Founder - World Identity Verification

"Face up or Back Off!"

Marcus knows that if on-boarding is done correctly then the majority of any business or operational security, safety and compliance issues are addressed, managed and effectively dealt with. However this rarely happens.

Marcus will discuss his views on why proving user presence is vital in communicating with absolute trust!

Robert de Haan

CEO - Layer8 Security

"Warning All Hackers: Disruptive Security in use!"

As the world is dramatically changing, digital disruption is forcing us to think, work and play differently.

To win a war against these hackers, we need to think laterally and change how we address the threats against us. Bob will open your mind to lateral ideas and controversial ways of changing the way we have to do business in the cyber age.

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