Legal Sector

With cybercrime in Australia now costing more than $1 billion per year, Legal Firms and Professional Services organisations are facing increasing challenges to continually improve security more.

Public Sector

According to the National Plan to Combat Cybercrime ‘A range of government agencies are involved in responding to different aspects of cybercrime in more

Financial Sector​

Transactional websites in the financial services industry often only require a customer ID and password [...]. All of these are vulnerable to more

Education Sector​

The frequency and volume of cyber-attacks on Australian universities since 2004 suggest that the confidential data they hold is very valuable to those whose intentions go beyond just identity theft, bribery, malware more

Healthcare Sector

International and local institutions have concluded that the health of a nation is one of the most critical elements that determine its wellbeing, prosperity and the quality of life of its more

Strong 2FA for AD & ADFS

The TokenOne Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) Connector enables organisations to provision their employees or customers with a web-based, Single Sign On (SSO) more

Strong 2 FA for Office 365

TokenOne provides organisations using Office 365 with a strong two-factor authentication security solution that assists them in meeting their legal and industry compliance more

Technology Overview

Patented Technology

Based on principles of industry recognised uncrackable form of encryption (One-Time Pad).

No Algorithms

Ensures TokenOne is not vulnerable to someone cracking an algorithm and compromising multiple accounts and all the reliant services and infrastructure.

Self Management

TokenOne is a 'Zero Knowledge Password Proof'. The TokenOne user knows their PIN but never enters it, or reveals it to anyone, not even to the service the user is accessing.


Secure and simple by proving the presence of the device and mentally scrambling the PIN.

Genuine strong 2FA

As both factors are strong, TokenOne proves the presence of the phone AND the user and is one of the few mass market authentication solutions where both factors are strong.

PIN never revealed

The user knows their PIN which is never entered or revealed to anyone, not even to TokenOne or the service the user is accessing.