Highest Security At Scale

TokenOne is a cyber security software company based in Sydney focused on the prevention of identity theft.

Based on tried and tested principles of One-Time Pad from the Cold War and before, TokenOne’s patented technology provides the strongest form of authentication security but is also extremely simple.

So, unlike any other authentication security technology, TokenOne achieves both highest security AND highest scalability.

How Is TokenOne Different From Other Authentication Systems?

The key differentiator to other authentication services is that TokenOne proves user presence. We provide genuine strong Two-Factor Authentication, as both factors are strong. There are three accepted factors in Authentication:

  1. Something you know – the knowledge factor
  2. Something you have – the possession factor
  3. Something you are – the inherence factor

With TokenOne you never reveal your secret PIN – so the knowledge factor remains strong. Unlike other solutions that rely on the user entering a ‘secret’ (usually a password) to prove they know it, TokenOne changes the knowledge factor paradigm by enabling proof of the knowledge factor without ever revealing it. This makes the TokenOne PIN a ‘zero knowledge password proof’ and sets a new standard for Authentication.

The second factor, the possession factor, is your smart device. This has been profiled and must also be present to prove you are an authorised user.

With TokenOne Authentication both factors are strong. TokenOne allows organisations to prove who is accessing your site or service. This is vital not only for the security of sensitive information but also for compliance.

Authentication Comparison

Authentication Comparison

TokenOne Provides

Strong 2FA & 3FA

something you know PIN

Something You Know

Using TokenOne, your secret PIN is never entered, transmitted or stored. Not only does this make this factor strong but it ensures that something you know is a true secret.

Something You Have smartphone

Something You Have

With TokenOne, users can simply register their smart device for one or multiple services. Multiple devices can also be registered to an identity for convenience.

something you are biometric

Something You Are

Your voice biometric complements the other two factors to enable Three Factor Authentication (when required) and/or to enable self management of accounts.