TokenOne Authentication


User Presence

Prove it’s your authorised user gaining access and not just someone using their password or device.

Control Access

Ensure only authorised users access the site or service.

Protect accounts

Prevent account take over by ensuring there are no credentials to steal or compromise - 'Keep Secrets Secret'.

Scale with ease

Allow users to self create and self manage their accounts securely.

How is TokenOne different from other authentication systems?

The key differentiator to other authentication services, is that TokenOne proves user presence. We provide genuine strong two-factor authentication, as both factors are strong. There are three accepted factors in authentication:

  1. Something you know – the knowledge factor
  2. Something you have – the possession factor
  3. Something you are – the inherence factor

With TokenOne you never reveal your secret PIN – so the knowledge factor is strong. Unlike other solutions that rely on the User entering the ‘secret’ to prove it. TokenOne changes the knowledge factor paradigm by enabling proof of the knowledge factor without ever revealing it. This makes the TokenOne PIN a zero knowledge password proof and sets a new standard for authentication.

The second factor, the possession factor, is your smart device. This has been profiled and must also be present to prove you are an authorised user.

With TokenOne authentication both factors are strong. TokenOne allows you to prove who is accessing your site or service. This is vital not only for the security of sensitive information but also to meet legal and industry compliance obligations.

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TokenOne provides organisations a unique differentiator in the marketplace. Compared to other approaches, TokenOne enables your clients to prove 'user presence' not just that someone had possession or control of the authorised user's phone or token.

  • Rapidly and easily deploy TokenOne to large or public networks such as Internet and mobile services. Most importantly, the low cost of deployment and management ensures rapid Return On Investment and low Total Cost of Ownership.

  • TokenOne is highly scalable, especially when users are widely distributed while presenting a simple and convenient user experience - ‘One PIN, One Phone, Multiple Accounts and Services’.

  • Prove User Presence and non repudiated access to sensitive sites or services.

  • Allow users to self create and self manage their account by tokenising their devices, creating their PIN and securely self managing their account.

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  • Replace Passwords

    Demands for multiple complex passwords are becoming a burden for customers. Furthermore there are also insecure and can easily be hacked. TokenOne provides strong two-factor authentication that is simple and convenient for customers and provides security for both organisations and customer identity protection.

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  • Replace SMS and One Time Codes

    The increasing cost of SMS authentication is driving many organisations to consider alternatives. TokenOne removes the need for SMS authorisations and enables organisations to prove user presence. Customers are self-supporting during set-up and low administration requirements ensure reduced IT management costs.

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  • Replace Tokens

    Hard tokens are expensive, inconvenient to carry, complex to manage and do not allow organisations to prove user presence. TokenOne enables hard token replacement with a simple to deploy mass scale solution that is interoperable and will rapidly and cost effectively integrate with existing systems.

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  • John Fontana, journalist, "Identity Matters", ZDNet April 3rd 2013

    Within a couple of years, two-factor authentication is going to be unilaterally required by online service providers and accepted by users, at least for sensitive transactions, according to Forrester analyst Eve Maler

  • Wikipedia (March 2014)

    In cryptography, a one-time pad is an encryption technique that cannot be cracked if used correctly…. However, practical problems have prevented one-time pads from being widely used” - TokenOne solves these problems.

  • "TMT Predictions 2013 - P@$$1234: the end of strong password-only security", Deloitte 2013

    In 2013 Deloitte predicted that "… more than 90 percent of user-generated passwords, even those considered strong by IT departments, will be vulnerable to hacking. Inadequate password protection may result in billions of dollars of losses, declining confidence in Internet transactions and significant damage to the reputations of the companies compromised by attacks. As the value of the information protected by passwords continues to grow, attracting more hack attempts, high-value sites will likely require additional forms of authentication."

What we offer

Feature Snapshot

Scalabe Platform

Integration into existing environments is simple through connectors or available APIs.

Support all users

Allow users to register one or multiple smart devices and even support legacy or old feature phones for strong two-factor authentication.


Achieve rapid ROI with a low cost of deployment and management.

One PIN & ONE Phone for all sites and services

Simplify the client experience by enabling users to use a single PIN and device for all their sites or services without compromising on security.

Federated deployment over distributed Infrastructure

Deploy the TokenOne Identity Assurance Platform across one or multiple locations without aggregating data and still present a singular experience to the user.

Control Documents based on Security levels

Apply the correct and necessary authentication level based on the risk and compliance requirements of the information being accessed.

Number of Passwords used on the net and climbing

Average yearly user cost of passwords and password management

% of attacks and hacks focused on compromising passwords

Total per user cost of passwords over a 3 year period

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